DOLAV Plastic Products was established in Southern Israel in 1976 and is involved in the production and marketing of large volume, heavy duty box pallets. 

DOLAV is known worldwide for their solutions to problems concerning material handling and storage, and is one of the leading pallet and pallet boxes manufacturers in the world.

DOLAV specialises in high-density structural foam (HDPE) injection. This unique technology makes it possible to produce plastic box pallets whereby the thickness of the walls contributes to the strength and stability of the box pallets.

DOLAV achieved ISO standards in 1995 and ISO9001/2000 in 2002.

DOLAV pallet boxes are environmentally friendly, UV stabilised and recyclable.

DOLAV products also meet the European standard (EN840) and the American environmental standards (40CFR 264.175).

Dolav box pallets are used in a variety of heavy and light industries including agriculture, food processing, fishing, chemical, textile, recycling and pharmaceutical, etc.

DOLAV has one of the largest injection moulding machines in the world that allows the production of products weighing up to 75kg in one injection.

DOLAV’s production includes automatic welding, robot and welding machinery that offers the capability of customising the standard plastic containers and large volume boxes to meet the customers’ special requests.

 A major portion of DOLAV’s operations is for export. DOLAV has formed a joint venture with a local manufacturer in Michigan in the US for the production and marketing of box pallets for the agricultural industry in the Americas. 

DOLAV® distributes its products around the world, directly through local subsidiaries, as well as through a chain of distributors, in more than 40 countries.

For the past 15 years DOLAV has been involved with the environment. DOLAV produces and markets plastic and metal waste containers that hold from 50 to 1100 litre and spill containment pallets for the collection of environmentally hazardous liquids from barrels and other different receptacles.

DOLAV Asia Pacific was established in 2016, based in Hong Kong, services as regional headquarters for DOLAV’s sales and marketing activities in Asia Pacific Area.